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Other groups for teachers:

  • FET User group  (South African)
    This is an e-mail discussion group for all South African Mathematics teachers seeking support in the implementation of the new FET mathematics, mathematics literacy and additional mathematics curricula. It is a moderated group and you need to register before being able to submit messages and resources to the rest of the community. To co to the community click here:
  • Maths literacy teachers community   (South African)
    This community belongs to ML teachers and endeavours to create a community where we can learn, interact and reflect on our teaching of ML. We can help and support each other in a non- threatening, online environment, share resources and experiences and implement best practices. A Maths Literacy Group has been created at (where it will be till we have our own community tools up and running). Any ML teacher or interested party can register to become part of this community. To download an information document with instructions, click here. For more information on Maths literacy, go to the ML area
  • Mathforum  (International)
    Very useful forum to belong to as a maths teacher. Here you can find out about new software tools at Mathtool, talk to other maths teachers across the world, share ideas as well as ask questions and get help from the ever-popular Dr. Math , ask questions about teaching maths in the Teacher2Teacher  forum and lots more.
  • LearningTechnologiesSIG· IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG
    The SIG is concerned with the applications of new technologies to English language learning. The SIG includes among its interests the use of corpora and concordancers, multimedia, computer mediated communication, text-based software, authoring, the WWW, Interactive Whiteboards and also the more technical issues Any and all of these, of course, have powerful uses in the many contexts which are EFL, from Young Learners, Independence, ESP, Business English, Teacher training, and indeed for all of the other SIGs.

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  1. As we all know learners struggle with maths all around the world and South Africa also has it’s own problems.

    As a ex-teacher, teaching in the UK and South Africa I experienced this myself. I am calling on all teachers in South Africa to take my advice!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel for learners, teachers and parents.
    I would like to introduce you to all to Mathletics
    Check out our website /
    The best online maths programme in the world for learners Grade R to 12
    All Caps based, plenty of online resources, lesson plans, assessment papers, reports(automatic marking and progress reports) etc. just to name a few. Teachers can set homework for each learner and learners can login anywhere in the world – in class or at home to complete their homework and have fun learning maths.
    Currently around 4million learners worldwide is using the online program and around 170 top schools in South Africa.
    Children love this programme and they think it’s cool!
    Contact me direct in order for me to arrange a free trial for your school and all learners Grade R to 12

    This WILL make your workload easier and leaners will improve their Maths
    Kind regards

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