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 What is Internet Messaging?

Internet messaging is a way to collaborate (talk to one another) online in real time with other people using the internet. To read more about instant messaging at Wikipedia, click here. We will use IM to have online virtual real-time meetings. There are various clients (programmes) available for free download which will make this possible.

Yahoo Messenger:

Yahoo Messenger can be installed from here. With Yahoo messenger you can also “talk” to someone using earphones and a microphone (PC to PC), so if you have a broadband connection, this can be a cheap way to communicate with people far (and near) from you. Yahoo messenger also keeps track of Microsoft Internet Messenger members and you can use either client to keep in touch.

Windows Live messenger


Gabbly is an easy to use Chat window that does not need any registration or log-in.

Skype and skypecasting

  • Wikipedia explanation
  • Skype is a client that you can use to  “talk” to someone using earphones and a microphone (PC to PC),  as with Messenger, but you can also talk to cell phones as a very low cost. I
  • You have to download and install Skype on your computer if you want to use this service. Go to the Skype website for more information and downloads
  • Very easy to register, install and login

Skypecasts are live, moderated conversations (Online conferences) allowing groups of up to 100 people to converse, moderated by the “host” who is able to mute, eject or pass the virtual microphone to participants when they wish to speak. Skypecasts do not support chat windows to share text information (such as URLs) with participants.

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