What is a Widget?
A widget is any
application that can be embedded within a page of HTML, i.e. a web page. You can use a widget to add content to your blog, website, Google homepage, Facebook…

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For further video instructions:
What are Web Widgets? (2/5)
What are Web Widgets? (3/5)
What are Web Widgets? (4/5)
What are Web Widgets? (5/5)

A few educational uses:
Widgets can also be used to “pull in” pictures from your photo Gallery. See the Flickr Widget  on the School 2.0 blog

  • An idea for the classroom:
    • Place a widget on your classroom blog of all your learners latest posts.
    • Place a widget of your learners latest tags.
    • Place a widget of latest classroom photographs. See how to create a “badge” in Flickr
    • Create a “Homework widget”
    • Place a widget of all the latest classroom discussions about a given topic
    • …..
How do I create a widget?

There are quite a few third party platforms that makes the creation of widgets quite easy. More and more blogs allow for embedding code and widgets. All have to do is to create your widget using one of the widget platforms, and then paste the piece of code that needs to be embedded, into your html page. Some blog platforms and themes do not, however, allow for widgets, so make sure that you choose a blog  theme / platform that do! For instance, Google groups do not allow any code to be embedded. You are allowed to
link to widgets.

Some Widget- making platforms:
How to insert a widgetbox into Edublogs

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