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I have designed a learning pathway that seems logical to me, but I will appreciate some input on how it is working for you. Feel free to download, use the learning objects and improve on the objects (Creative Commons Attribution), but please leave me a message on this page (below) if you do so! If you want to be notified of when I publish new learning objects, remember to subscribe to my blog. The powerpoints are self instructional tutorials but can be used for training. The speaker notes contain more info for trainers.

What is a blog and why should we blog?
Define blogs and contexts for use. Provide some blogs ideas depending on what kind of blog you would like to create. Take you through an action plan to focus why you should blog.

To download the Powerpoint in order to see the animations, click here

The anatomy of a blog.
Looks at how a blog is structured in order to provide familiarity. You will also decide on where you should create your blog.
To download the Powerpoint in order to see the animations, click here

Setting up a blog
Depending on if your blog is educationally related or organisational, business or personal, you will now now choose your blogging platform (where to create your blog) For our purposes we will work with either Edublogs (educational) or WordPress (for any of the other contexts). Just note that since writing these learning objects Edublogs now puts google ads on the free version of their blogs…. All these learning objects should work equally well for normal WordPress blogs though.

Here is a basic “how to” on setting up a blog in Edublogs…
You can download the powerpoint (to be able to see the animations and additional notes) from here

Setting up a blog in Edublogs (A tutorial)

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: blogs blogging)

For those of you who are not going to do an educational blog, this Powerpoint is very detailed and excellent:

Customizing your blog with themes headers and widgets
Now that you have your blog, you want it to look pretty and professional….
To download the Powerpoint in order to see all the animations, click here

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