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About Maggie

maggieversterI am a passionate School 2.0 (social media) activist for teaching and learning and believes that educators need to incorporate social media tools into their teaching strategies in order to effectively engage a new generation of learners. I have delivered numerous papers, keynotes, conducted workshops and developed resources to assist teachers to effectively use ICT and social media for professional development and in their classrooms. I facilitate various online learning communities for teachers in South Africa. I have been involved in various ICT training initiatives for subject advisors, teachers and lecturers and consult to the Department of Education, schools and various Universities. I am currently developing ICT e-learning materials for the Commonwealth of Learning. Follow my learning tweets at www.twitter.com/maggiev and go and like my facebook page here: www.ict4champions.co.za

What is school2.co.za all about?

School2.co.za is my reflection blog where I record and share my learning and teaching explorations with Web 2.0 tools and ICT in education in general.  It is a springboard from where I collect and link resources and people, do reviews and report on problems and successes!

What is School 2.0?

School 2.0 is all about why and how we can use Web 2.0 tools in support of teaching and learning.

Some of my presentations:

1 response to About School 2.0

  1. Hi Maggie

    I run a very exciting startup company called AppShed. I am South African but have been based in the UK for the last decade.

    I’d love to connect with you, because the little bit I have read resonates, and I think you might be interested in what we are doing over here in the UK. The main point is that with AppShed kids (of all ages!) can build their own apps. Second point: it’s free.

    We are a business, so yes, there are features we charge for, but these are for schools that use the “Dashboard” for classroom management. That is totally optional and you don’t need the Dashboard to get your class building their first app. Check out our video here: AppShed YouTube Channel

    I followed you on Twitter (using @AppShed) so if you’re keen to chat, follow me back!

    Best regards

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