What to do in Hogsback

Here is a few ideas to get you started:

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Hogsback is a place where you can truly chill out! You can just sit on the deck or patio, staring into space (with a glass of wine of course) and ponder life. Or you can stay in your pyjamas all day and watch TV. Or you can take in one of the many good eateries in Hoggies and sit and stare into space there¦.Or you can take a bottle of champagne and go and watch the sun set at the microwave tower¦Or you can spend some time just chatting to friends¦Or you can go walk the labyrinth and meditate….Or you can go and explore the relationship between nature and man at the Eco Shrine….or you can go and figure out how you are going to glue the leg of you clay hog back……whatever……where ever¦.

Watch the sunset: How to get to the microwave tower Sue at the microwave tower

Go further down Winding lane (the road is pretty bad so maybe go back past the chapel and take the Plaatjieskraal rd). It will end in a 3 way stop. Turn right and keep going. You will keep left at the Mafika Potteries and pass Wooden cottages on your right. Follow the winding road up the mountain, through the forest, past a dam and you will eventually find yourself on the edge of the world. You can take the easy option and just park and roll out the picnic blanket. Or you can do a JD and climb up to the beacon. From there you will have a 3000 view over the valleys. It is a 20 minute drive from Ilifu, so make sure you leave in time to install yourself and get comfortable.

Eco- Shrine (http://www.ecoshrine.co.za ) Diane from the Eco Shrine

Diana Graham has created the Voice of the Earth Eco-shrine on the edge of an ancient rain forest overlooking the Tyume gorge and the Hogsback mountains. Here you can admire her inspirational artworks (mosaics, paintings, sculptures) which reflect the synergy between the creativity in nature and human creativity. She is always there to tell you the stories and to relate the symbolism of her creations, while at the same time bestowing her calmness and serenity on those who visit her tranquil retreat. Entrance: R15pp donation.

Starways Pottery Anton showing the girls how to do a pot

The potter Anton van der Merwe practices his art of flame fired pottery in an open air studio overlooking the forest. Here you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed mint tea with him while perusing the unique collection of pottery on show. He also has a forest gallery where you can view his water colour and oil paintings. If he is not there, you can hit the dong and he will appear all the way from across the hill Tel: 045 962 1174 / 045 962 1344.
Cell: 082 953 7840 / 082 928 5770

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