Ilifu Cabin

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Ilifu cabin is the main wooden cabin where family and friends get together to party and chill.

The theme of the cabin is “African Colonial” and many of our favourite African artists and artifacts have found a home here on our walls.

The cabin can sleep 6 people comfortably. It has only one bedroom, but it has a loft “nookie” with 2 mattresses for the children above the dining room and there is also a comfortable sleeper couch in front of the fireplace with a view over the valley.

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you will ever need to cook up a big storm (big stove, slow cooker, frying pan, microwave, blender, toaster, smoothie maker….you name it) and the washing up room has a dish washer. There is also a fully stocked pantry capable of outlasting any extended period of bad weather.

The pub also serves as a library and study corner (good idea, hey) . The lounge is big enough to host big enough parties and have a fireplace as well as a piano for when you are “happy enough to sing”.

Needless to say, as it is our home away from home, you will find all the creature comforts that a techie nut like me need to survive. There is a wireless ADSL connection as well as dual channel DSTV and a music system (in support of the above mentioned parties). But we do not ONLY party here. It is a great place to work in peace and tranquility.  I come here to work on my research and to get my thoughts together (an impossible task, but worth striving for…).

We only make Ilifu cabin available to good friends and family as the cupboards are packed with our clothes (in case I get a urge to just run away from Joburg…) and we do not remove our toothbrushes…

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