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Every time I come back to Hogsback I realise how blessed I am to be the custodian of a little piece of heaven on earth! I miss this place terribly when I am not here. I would love to get the weird and wonderful creatures here in Hoggies to tweet more about whats happening  and post photos and inspirations from a very special place… So here is a summary of what others are tweeting, facebooking, youtubing, and posting on social media about Hoggies…

If you tweet/post/blog about hogsback, please remember to add the hashtag #hogsbacksa to the tweet/post/blog to make it easier for me to track online. 
Hogsback – when God creates so much beauty, all u can do is stand in awe with smiling satisfaction.Cherise Fourie
Sunrise over HogsbacksStarways Arts Centre
Away With The Fairiesrobertschrader
A frameRaymond Marzo
Here are some tweets and links to blog posts of what our visitors says…
"@hogsback: Lovely blogpost+ photos of our little paradise here in #hogsbacksa @hogsback #lp #ttot Hidden gem!EasternCape
RT @leavyrdailyhell: PHOTOS: Away with the fairies in mystical Hogsback, South Africa –
This photo of the ecoschrine has basically gone viral on twitter for the last year or so it keeps popping up on twitter. 
Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa (Hogsback Eco-Shrine) Walenta
It would be great if visitors could get a better sense of the weather on an ongoing basis as it can change every second…..So my aim is to get the hobbits in Hogsback to tweet whenever the weather change… Could keep them busy!
@hogsback what’s the weather like in hogsback this morning. Hogsback weather station Is showing a temp of 2.7degC!SA Storm Chase
Freezing cold here in #hogsbacksa. I feel like snow…. @hogsback @hogsbackinfo Verster
@maggiev *Obligatory beyond-jealous-of-that-view tweet* @hogsback @hogsbackinfoTim Keller
@storm_sa If you don’t mind me asking… Where do you get your forecast info for Hogsback? I’m always on the look out for snow falls there.John Erasmus
Some news and requests for outreach projects here in Hoggies. I have already got a few promises for computers. The power of twitter to reach a small magical community! Ps we need MORE working old computer (not older than pentium pls)
We need computers for our community Jikani project in Hogsback. If you have any WORKING ones standing around waiting for a good cause, …Maggie Verster
And then there are great videos about Hogsback….Check this one out!!
Breezing through Hogsback Richter
The people here are amazing, zany and just incredible. Someone said that it is basically an open air asylum…..
@maggiev @hogsback Thats where the Great Mr. Trevor Webster lives nowadays. I learned a lot from the legend.DA FOSTER
Some interesting events happening on an ongoing basis….
A wonderful cycling tour coming up in Hogsback. Verster
The slowriding bicycle ride link is actually #hogsbacksa @hogsbackMaggie Verster
Jeffrey Mauer the owner of Cycle Torque in Beacon Bay East London has jumped at our SlowRiding experience and is sponsoring the following prizes for our SlowRiders.Early Bird Entries from East London – the first 15 SlowRiders from East London who sign up to join the Tour and pay their booking deposit before the end of March 2013 will win: A water bottle with a free Cycle Torque Service Voucher valued at R100 insideEarly Bird Entries from anywhere around the country – the first 10 SlowRiders from everywhere who join the Tour and pay the full Tour Fee by 5th Apirl 2013 will win:A Front LED Light valued at R200 each plus an 18 Function Multi Tool value R200PLUSEarly Bird Entries from anywhere around the country – all entrants who book for the Tour and pay their full Tour Fee by the 5th April 2013 go into the BIG LUCKY DRAW to win one of our two fabulous prizes:An Avalanche MTB bike – sponsored by Cycle Torque value R 2 100.00ORA Tour Discount Voucher – R 2 100 cash back – sponsored by SlowRiding ZAFor 2 lucky Weekend Post Readers – in conjunction with the Weekend Post, we are offering a free entry to the first SlowRiding Tour taking place from the 27th April to 1st May 2013.WE HAVE A WEEKEND POST WINNER – Congratulations to Shona Bell and her partner.We hope you are going to enjoy the most Awesome Adventure!Group Discounts – For those who book as a group and pay their deposits by the 10th April 2013 – minimum of 4 or more – SlowRiding will pay a cashback discount of R250 per person in the group – so rustle up your friends and family, and get some cash back towards the cost of your fuel for the trip up to Hogsback.For those who don’t win one of these prizes – don’t worry – we have a stack more prizes that will be revealed as we countdown the days to the SlowRiding Tour.Slow Riding South Africa
@maggiev @hogsback attractive site. On which Eastern Cape are the tours? Home & contact page don’t say.Linda Aragoni
Some general tweets and facebook bits………
Proper night out in HOGSBACK last night..saw the most amazing sunrise of mylife! Off 2 the waterfalls 4 dops & a braai with the crew nowWesley Thomas
Hiking in Hogsback # goodlifeVuyo Vuyokazi
Lost in Zingnuka #hogsback #trailrun @RunTrailcoza @DOITNOWMag @GetawayMagazine @gomulti Marais
Hiking in the Hogsback forest Gadlela
Welcome to HogsbackUngena nje ubuliswa ziimfene ezikhuthuke impundu, amabhadi!Olwetu ????.??????
@VayaMzansi heading for Durban early June. And Hogsback for Christimas in July.BERYL
@ACollocott yes – leaving EL – head for N2 to KWT and then lto Alice (R463?) – stop-go in place and then turnoff to Hogsback – c u soonJenni Bessesen
@oliverwhyte in the #forest #hogsback #roadtripping #easterweekend Lipchik
@OR enroute to East London then onto Hogsback for a wedding going to be an amazing couple of daysAndrea Collocott
Eastern Cape Road Trip tomorrow!!!!!! Cannot wait to shoot Bernard & Natacha’s engagement shoot at Hogsback!!!! Yeeeeepa!!!!! <3Aglow Photography
An awesome weekend with the family in Hogsback pity that it was so short.Melvin Kent
Gooooood Morning! A rather chilly one but looks like it’s going to be another glorious day in Hogsback so why not pop in at Butterfly’s. We have our awesome MEAT FREE TUESDAY DEAL = 10% off all vegetarian meals….. includes our delicious breakfasts, pizza, pastas & a whole lot more.Open 09:30 – 20:00 (kitchen closes 19:45)See how one meat free day a week can make a whorld of difference!!!Butterfly’s Bistro
back from AMAZING!! Lesotho trip.. ate mequenyas, drank maluti beer and spent 3 days with hippies in an eco-village high up in the Hogsback mountains, stunning!Oliver Wetmore
Ooh wat a nice day we had!- at Hogsback, HobbitonThabisa Masiba
Hogsback today. Hoping for a freak snow storm. I have faith in global warming.Lisa Weideman
In Hogsback now. where the hell are the hobbits.Michael Way
So….?? who opened the freezer door? It’s 7 degrees in Hogsback right now…about to start a fire….definitely a duvet day, and isn’t it just so nice when you can….to all you hardworking friends out there…here’s to me right now…hahahaha!!! Have an awesome day and keep warm everyone!!Serendipity (Hogsback)
All 3 tickets booked guess we will be having an African Xmas !!!Desray Fry
Hogsback great, back to reality! oh poo!Heather Summers
Morning walk in#Hogsback forest then breki then airport#EastLondon and home!Goodbyes are :(Rhonda Savage-Julie
planning a Hogsback adventure with Maryke Pretorius!Melvin Iverson
HOGSBACK!!Nick Bronkhorst
@rhondastours: Now that walk in #Hogsback was just awesome!Took some amazing pictures!#willbbackRhonda Savage-Julie
On our way home from Terra Khaya,Hogsback. Looking forward to electricity and dryness. Had an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience with good friends. Love the eco-friendly,hippie way of life,but much more aware of all our modern blessings xxKerry Winn
Thank you to all the special girls in my life in Hogsback for a stunning evening. MwahRene De Lange Vorster
Wow we saw the stone circle, some cool arts + crafts and 39 steps waterfall. Had a port tasting and gonna get ready for the wedding in hogsback soon. Wet but beautiful!Roelien Parkin
So…ideas on wedding venues?!!?Donnay Nel
It is rainy days like these, that I miss Hogsback and lying in front of the fire. Only thing better, would be 2 in front of the fireLee-ann Schwartz
Hogsback!!!! Whoop whoop can wait!Roelien Parkin
So, there’s this small matter of a wedding, a 50th birthday, and a gathering of friends to ride and run a few trails in Hogsback. Pretty chuffed.Jacques Marais
This time tomorrow, we’ll be on our way to Ashfield-on-Hogsback. Rain, kathemba’s, mushrooms and forest fairies:) Happiness Conrad Hanekom<3 See you there Amy & Jason – topless bar? ^^Tash Nel
Some youtube videos about the lovely accommodation options here…
Breezing through HogsbackeTGskKyfMpah1H8AavkXaQ
Hogsback Christmas in July 2012riekdog
"HOGSBACK!!! Bring on LOTR" Rachemurphy’s photos around Hogsback, South Africa (hogsback lotr)tripadvisortripwow4
Fly Fishing in Hogsbackjustinandersen
Adventures in Hogsback, Eastern Cape- South Africabrunitogg
Hogsback chapel restoredddispatchonline
Little Hogsback chapel turns 75ddispatchonline
Away with the Fairies Video Tour Hogsback, South Africamattis10000
Then there is the snow…..
Snowfalls at Hogsback in June 2010bubidave
First winter snow in the Hogsbackddispatchonline
Prayer Trail, St Patrick’s chapel, Hogsbackelsasteyn
Spring in Hogsback_0001.wmvelsasteyn
Some accommodation options….
King’s Lodge Hotel : Hogsback, South Africa2570saplaces
KINGS LODGE HOTEL accommodation in Amatola Mountains Hogsbackscatterhub
Hogsback Inn : Hogsback, South Africasaplaces
Hogsback Accommodation – Hogsback, South Africa – Bookings: 076 1111 951hogsbackcottage
Some of the issues in Hogsback….
Hogsback 6multizute

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