Hankering back to Xmas in July 2012

It is almost time to get ready for the real Christmas in December and I have not even had a chance to reflect on Xmas in July!! Thankfully Elrieka reminded me about it by posting her little video that she made when they spent time with us at Ilifu. So thankfully a picture (and in this case a video) says a thousands (or more) words. So here it is.


The young ones sleeping in layers

This was a glimpse of what the young-ones were up to. There were very many of them (I stopped counting) and they were sleeping in layers all over Ilifu. The noise levels scared away any hope of catching a glimpse of Knysna loeries and send all boomslangs slivering into hiding.

The golden oldies (Me, JD, Roy, Mittie, Lorentz and Hilda) took a far more sedate view of the occasion. My new out-laws displayed their magnificent cooking prowess and hand-cooked pasta and all kinds of other delights which were very much appreciated by all. JD spend the entire time in his pyjamas watching rugby and we darted in and out at the various celebration events in the village. The sub zero polar bear swim was well attended by blue looking humans- hopefully I will get that video uploaded before next Xmas in July. The celebration dinner at Ilifu was a joyous affair and all the cooks and table decorators have to be commended.

Thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable occasion and shared the time with us in our paradise abode!

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