Snow, more snow and snow theft…

It is always a hit and miss situation to try and catch the snow scenario in Hoggies. It comes either before I get there or after I have gone. I did manage to catch a glimpse of it twice (see Magical Christmas in July) but there were barely enough snow for me to do a decent snow angel without hurting mother earth. And I now want you ALL seriously to picture me doing a snow angel. Seriously.

View from  my roomThis time it did not mess around. I went to sleep and I woke up as a frozen Popsicle in a snow white winter wonder land.

I instinctively grabbed my camera  and desperately tried to catch the whiteness and the quietness in an instantaneous Facebook-twitter photo stream. But nothing  can capture the absolute serenity. I just gawked and listened to the soft flakes falling and stood in awe of how great God is.

My bed in front of the fireplaceOkay now for the sake of transparency: Snow is not all shiny white flakes and roses. After the initial jippeee-jayness, the electricity went off which mean no power,and no power means no water and no gadget charging. And then the sun went off, and then my electrical gadgets started going off one by one until I sat in the dark, all my myself.  Not being able to twitter or facebook or talk to hubbie or read my kindle books made me realise how uncool snow actually is. So I made myself a bed in front of the fireplace and told myself how blessed I am.


Fortunately I am blessed with amazing neighbours (that do not go off- maybe a little -refer to no water) and we huddled together braai-ing up defrosting meat in a snowbraai. One thing I realised is that magical moments need to be shared with those who like to make magical moments. Snow or no snow. So I dished out snow slippers and we shared food around the fire, dogs and all. Thank you guys! And thank you to the Eskom guys who worked tirelessly for a week to restore our supply.

Also there was the snow theft. After sneaking brief charges from my car battery, I was informed by my worried twitter and Facebook network that my snow photos (which I could not even see what they looked like as I just pressed SEND) were stolen by News24  and Radio Algoa with no reference to the pain and suffering I endured in capturing them. A Johan Lotz (dirty rotten thief) downloaded my photos and uploaded it as his own to News 24 and Radio Algoa uploaded my photos to their Flickr account with copyright nogal. I will definitely have to do an educational piece on the use of online material in a fair and non-thief-like fashion like it should be done (see how here).

We did get another light snow blessing and this time I made sure that I had my loved ones and friends around me. It was the first time that Hettie and Mitti smacked eyes on snow flakes and I had to drag them out of it as it happens to be rather cold and wet.

So till the next snow…..and please do not phone us and ask when it is going to snow. But if you want to know…DEFINITELY  on September 8. See you up here then. Book early.

Interesting titbit: Apparently it has over the years snowed here in Hogsback every month of the year except for February……

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