Letter to telkom

After a nightmare month of struggling to get some service from Telkom, I wrote yet another e-mail to Wikus Kruger from Telkom:

Hi Wikus,

Thank you for the status update this morning that the data line will be sorted by 11 (it is now 11 and still nobody in sight). I appreaciate it that you phone so regularly to update me that nothing is going to happen. If, as you say, we will be fully operational by the weekend (a whole month after installation was supposed to have happened) I will indeed throw a rip roaring Telkom party. (A telkom party is a party where nobody arrives and nothing happens).

I just want to confirm that we still do not have hunting or maybe it is a case that due to the other lines into the switchboard not working, you cannot get a line. People phoning in report that it just rings, and we are here and not getting their calls.

So the status (after a whole month of struggle) is as follows:

* No hunting
* Still using the 0117917155 line seperate from the PABX in order to have Internet
* No data/fax line yet
* The additional line going into the PABX is still not functioning.
* We did not get a manual with our PABX and I am starting to think that we have been given a second hand one. The trainer did not have a spare manual and told me to follow it up with you.
* We are still operating on 1 phone line only.
* Our receptionist is still in the middle of the room as she cannot move her desk back till Telkom has finished. Very unprofessional.

This is very disheartening and everytime we get an update that something is going to happen, we just laugh, as nothing usually happens (hence Telkom party!). So apart form Besty moving our old existing line into the PABX, we are operating on sub standard levels here. We cannot run a business like this. This has been a whole month now- I have even stopped crying. Shocking service- what more is there to say? Maybe we should revert back to smoke signals- might prove more efficient than Telkom.

Kind regards
Maggie Verster
Ps can I have reference numbers from you for reporting all of the above?

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