Snow in Hogsback

I went to Hogsback for the whole month of July (to write a few chapters for my thesis) in the hope to see some snow somewhere along the way and was getting really desperate by the last week when all of a sudden – it happened.Snow in hogsback

Okay, I now. Snow may be common place in other parts of our global village. But this is the first time that I actually have experienced a full blown snow “storm”. I even did the snowball throwing thing with my mother…

Anycase it was really stunning. The sound of falling snow is something to behold.You can’t quite capture it on camera, but I did get a chance to upload my first YouTube video! It can be found at: My snow photos can be found at

In Hogsback we do celebrate Xmas in July, but apart from some thick mist and rain on the Saterday, no snow… till the end of the month. I must just mention that is was not just all “snowflakes, hot chocolate and pancakes….it also meant that all my water pipes (actually my house’s) were frozen till about lunchtime…which is quite a  bummer!



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