School 2.0

Today I will start a 3 day, round the country, School 2.0 campaign. The aim is to get as many teachers as possible to embrace Web 2.0 into their classrooms in order to prepare their learners (or is it rather- prepare themselves) for school 2.0 or a world were virtual tools will be the order of the day for teaching and learning.

The latest stats point out that South Africa has over half a million users on Facebook and we can be sure of one thing- our learners are definitely there (and maybe not in our classrooms). Just the fact that Microsoft have finally won the war against Yahoo and Google for a 1.6% share in Facebook for $240million, means that social networking sites are the future. If we would like to prepare our learners for a Facebook world, then we need to embrace the tools they love. I am sure in the not too distant future (like tomorrow) Facebook will have a School 2.0 application…so get ready … steady…GO.

I will create, during the next few days, a School 2.0 blog where the teachers can go and jot down their thoughts and hopefully their learning. Head on over to School 2.0


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