Invitation to a cheetah braai

Blou bulle forever

Hierdie naweek gaan die arme cheetah weer moet bul mis eet…..

The Blue Bulls Crusade

As you all know ,we have made it to the finals of the Super 14. Jipee- jippee yaah!! I have no nails left, no voice, and I am so de-hydrated from all the biltong and boerewors that I will need an intravenous tequila drip to restore essential liquid loss. Thank goodness that “my bloed is […]

Go the Bokke!!!

Today is a big day for us as our divine Bokke are on the threshhold of achieving World Cup glory!!! Here are a few lighter thoughts to keep everyone going…. Also see: Ten reasons why the Boks will win Let’s remember we did it before…. to recall the glory of 95 just to get in […]