The Blue Bulls Crusade

bloubulleAs you all know ,we have made it to the finals of the Super 14. Jipee- jippee yaah!! I have no nails left, no voice, and I am so de-hydrated from all the biltong and boerewors that I will need an intravenous tequila drip to restore essential liquid loss. Thank goodness that “my bloed is blou” otherwise I would have shrivelled up and dried! It is also good to notice that “ons almal se bloed is nou blou” as die-hard shark, stormer and cheetah supporters add their voice to our path of destruction!

And no, after being able to help my team along at the field, I am sad to report that we did not acquire any tickets for the final. We had it all set up. I was the “control room” from where all ticket communications were co-ordinated via twitter, skype, sms and phone. I set up my sms service on my laptop for quick and easy sms group distributions of success of the “soldiers” out on the field. We had a team phoning the Blue bulls ticket office. We had men manning Computicket outlets all around Joburg (we figured that the Lions would not be interested in the match). And we had a team trying to get tickets via the web. After all of that, noooo, no tickets!

This is actually a disaster for the Bulls as my piercing support next to the field has been known to slow down any opposition team and rendered anybody sitting in front of me hearing impaired for at least a few days. But not to fear. We will be at the field in spirit and we will be working together to give our team the moral support they deserve….Go BULLS!!!

I need to make a special mention of my good twitter friends from down under @NZWaikato and @crusaderz4life for walking the talk with me. Rugby truly spans global divides! So may the best team win. And we all know who that is going to be……

Oh yes and here is our photos from our uper14 supporters campaign:

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Go the Bokke!!!

Today is a big day for us as our divine Bokke are on the threshhold of achieving World Cup glory!!! Here are a few lighter thoughts to keep everyone going….

How to greet an Englishmen



Any other comments before the game?

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