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MakeUseOf.com – The Internet Music Guidebook

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A WoW experience!

Last weekend I found myself at the KKNK in Oudshoorn, my first visit to “Die Fees”. I was returning to my Afrikaans roots and looking to see if I can still relate and can possibly still feel at home between those who speak my mother tongue. I was also quite curious to investigate if I can still find an “aanklank” to the culture of my youth.

I spend the morning mainly doing the countless stalls and have decided that my next two paintings (when my ship comes in) will be one from Anton Benzon and also Kobus Kotze. We taught Shani (my stepdaughter) how to haggle for discounts and she took to it like a fish to water. Having big blue eyes helped a lot, I am sure! We indulged in chip-broodjies and spent a lot of time in the castle tent where most of the musical fair just about convinced me that maybe I have grown way away from my Afrikaans roots. Zirk Berg and his brother(?-I think) were great fun on his drum box and I would not hesitate to invite him to my family party… We watched the Shark match at some pub and then wondered over to the Rock fest to watch one of my favourite Afrikaans performers, Valiant Swart.

But then came the WoW moment. I have, in passing, heard about Chris Chameleon, but as I am not your regular Sewende Laan-kinda girl, (mainly as my family plays sewende laan better than Sewende Laan itself), I have not been introduced to this talented performer. When he appeared on stage (especially after Valient) I thought….uhhhh not another Freddie Mercury wannabe! But the he started singing and performing, and I was in aw.

Me and Jd have been music groupies and have probably attended most of the overseas acts’ concerts over the years, but I can quite categorically state that Chris Chameleon’s show was the best that I have ever experienced! Even JD, a big Afrikaans music cynic was in a trans. CC’s voice is amazing and he knows how to use it brilliantly! From low-low(like budget) to high-high like eclectic, he took us on a head banging rollercoaster ride, all across the stage. After the show, I now have officially relinquished Peter Gabriel as my number one muso- CC is my new main man!!! What a find! When I raved to all my nice old Afrikaans family afterwards about my discovery, they looked at me amusedly. They knew it all along and did not tell me!

So the moral of the story is, I am proud of my Afrikaans roots. There are talent here among us and I have been very fortunate to experience a genius at work!

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