Maths literacy problems

Maths lit community of practice logoI have decided that it is time to take the maths lit teachers into the arena of having REALTIME online meetings. I have for some time now been trying to get an active community of practice going for maths lit teachers in South Africa, but it has been a hard slog!

Numerous problems have greeted me on the way. The biggest one is that teachers still have not embraced technology to assist them in their everyday teaching and learning. And the other dragon is TIME. They all claim that time is not on their side and that they just do not have the time to “play around” with online stuff!

This really makes me sad. If only they can realise that by sharing experiences and resources we can learn so much from one another and make our burden smaller….But then I also have to be fair…online access is not a given for most of the teachers. And then there is also the fear factor….and my personal favourite…forgetting our usernames and passwords.

So I have moved our teacher’s community of practice from Google groups to NING ( in the hope that a social networking tool with make things easier. It has defintely made the registration process more accessable, but I am still hasling with getting teachers to share…There are always only the few faithful souls willing to bare their teacher souls and share their stuff, with the other hangers-onners blissfully helping themselves to the hard work without even a thank you or feedback.

Okay, that was my gripe for the week. Hopefully I will be able to report back on a good online meeting tonight with lots of sharing and discussion to inspire us all.

If you know of maths literacy teachers, please tell them about the online meeting at It is of course free and gratis and require only a willing-to-learn-and-share disposition….

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