Being Virtual: Maggie 2.0

Maggie 2.0's avatarIn my frantic efforts to stay up to date with Web 2.0, School 2.0 Conference 2.0 and Learner 2.0, I have now officially disappeared into World 2.0 (which is flat, I heard) and have metamorphosed as Maggie 2.0. 

The problem with being Maggie 2.0 is that I am no longer one virtual person. I am distributed across so many platforms that finding myself, and what I am actually busy doing, have become a fulltime job. I don’t seem to have time anymore for my day job, whatever that was and are currently in the market for Job 2.0 which specification calls for being a Person 2.0 (too) with multiple virtual personalities that can achieve multiple virtual outcomes that will make a difference in the real world (RealWorld 1). 

In order to track myself, what I am (virtually) doing, and to act as a way for friends, family and colleagues to keep track of me, I have created a Maggie 2.0 index. You may (may) be able to find me somewhere in there if you have not been able to locate me in RealWorld 1. Many of you have moaned that it is almost impossible to find me on cellphone 1.0, for which I apologise. The real problem is that my eyes have regressed to version 0.0001 due to spending too much time in Web 2.0, which resulted in me not being able to see the little green button on my cellphone 1.0. It has not helped to acquire loads of pairs of glasses as my house do not have a Google search facility (other than Onika) and I never seem to have glasses available at the time of cellphone 1 ringing. But don’t despair; I have now upgraded my cellphone 1.0 to a Smartphone 1.0 with a QWERTY keyboard and big text. It also automatically sync with my Laptop 4.0 (I seem to go through them rather rapidly as well) 

Am I okay with being Maggie 2.0? Well yes, as a Web 2.0 activist I can now officially proceed with changing RealWorld 1.0 into VirtualWorld 2.0. My goal is to create a School 2.0 environment where teaching and learning can take place virtually (rather than virtually not) and teachers can stay at home and facilitate their learners experiences from the comfort of their couch. They can enforce Discipline 2.0 and virtually never get stressed again…. 

So if you want to talk, chat, Skype or virtually interact with me, go and find me on my specially created Maggie 2.0 reference page by clicking here…. 

Ps I heard that we are heading for Web 3.0 …or is it already here?  

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