Virtual gaming as learning

As parents we worry about the efffect all these horrific virtual games have on our children. This has prompted me to look into how we can use virtual games for teaching and learning. I have also come accross research and brilliant examples of how these games work towards enhancing higher order thinking skills. See my […]

Cellphones in schools

Me and a few teachers are currently busy creating a wiki for schools in South Africa to try and see how we can shape school policies regarding Internet and cellphone use in schools. See The whole debate about if cellphones should or shouldn’t be allowed in classrooms is a complex one. As such it […]

A learning day

“Every day is a new day of learning. We can excel and exceed our own standards by consistently upgrading our outlook and attitude towards those around us. Our position, our power, our status… nothing is permanent. What will remain in fond memories of those around us is not the altitude of our achievements, but our […]