Being a goose in Plet

The most amazing weather can be found in Plettenburg Bay in April. Maybe it is just that April is such a wonderful time of the year. It even enticed me to spent time on the beach…a great feat indeed!

Goose ValleyWe stayed at JD’s sister’s place in Goose Valley, a golf estate, just on this side (whichever it may be) of Plet. I always said I married Jd for his family’s holiday destinations and this one definitely is part of the good life. We shared the apartment, which looks out on the logoon and the sea and the golf course (where I could keep an eye on how JD hacks his balls….(for a change)), with the Wrede clan (Mark Thaaitjie and the twins) and per usual had a splendid time.

I even spend a whole day on the beach and even ventured my pork tjoppies into the sun. It was marvelous. I, for once, did not have overdone pork tjops as a result and Jd and Shani (who worked really hard on their tans) came out looking just perfectly toasted! Okay I still am trying to get rid of all the sand deposits that are subornly entrenched in placed that will remain unnamed…so I have decided I like the beach if it was not for the sand….

JD and Shani working on their tans

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On the road

It is quite a thrill to be driving in the middle of the Karoo and be so totally connected! Okay, a bit on the slow side, but hey, who can complain when I can still have access to my virtual self?

I have been province hopping and hvae just returned from a quick sojourn back into time in Mpumalanga. I had to go and assist the teachers in an outreach project in Whiteriver to “move their mice”. Being a virtual person I had to really gear down to help them to get on top of equation editor and autoshape in Word, so that they can then create their tests and exams on a computer. Most of them still handwrite their resources or write it on the blackboard when there is no paper for photocopying. Only 1 of them had access to a computer (no internet) at home, and most of them have never touched a computer. Quite a reality check for me.

Which made me think. Here we are desperately trying to increase maths literacy and competancies. But if the learners are not computer literate, will they be employable? Shouldn’t we be addressing both? Why do the teachers do not have access to computers and internet. When are we going to get there?

I say-laptops for all the teachers are a priority! Power to the teachers!!

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