Becoming a statistic

Statistically it had to happen. I have always hoped that my vicious dogs and children (not nessasarily in that order) could keep us save, but alas, we got burgled. But I am thankful. As we were in the house and sleeping, I am just grateful that my sleep were not interupted. I need my sleep. I work hard…

So by relieving me of our laptops, our cellphones and my camera, I am now officially free to….

  • read a book
  • stare into space
  • talk to people (f2f)
  • use a landline
  • go Xmas shopping

 But somehow I am still not convincing myself that this is a good thing. So let me go and check out the latest crime statistics. Then I can convince myself that I am actually “hip & in” and now have something to talk about at dinner parties. As you can see from the following table, I do not have to feel lonely, plus the police told me that a few other houses in my street was burgled as well. So we are united in our burgled-ness. Eeash!


So please have a non- statistical day!You will be lonely, but what the hell!

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