Dont’ e-mail,FB or call me: twitter me!

As everybody know I have been having an on-off relationship with my Cell phone for years. Cell phones do not like me. They break, grow legs, and mostly get alienated from their power cables. I have tried moving over to smart cell phones. They make matters even worse. They are power- hogging little devices out to cripple Eskom and I find myself (that is if I remembered to plug in /had a power cable) without any power by tea time! Also, my eyesight has now officially progressed past puberty and I am struggling to read which new reading glasses I should acquire. But I am digressing. Maybe I just want to mention that I do believe in cell phones as great learning devices and will use it more actively the moment I found my charger cable!

So how do you contact/get hold of me? As you have gathered by now, phoning me on my cell phone might not be a good way to go. In the past e-mail was a very effective way to get my attention. But since I have not been able to catch up on the 3000 e-mails that accumulated during my Christmas virtual break, I have funnelled my e-mail into folders and play eenie-meanie-minie-mo on which folder I will read every day. Those who know me, knows to mark their e-mail as high priority (I check that folder a few times a day)

So what is the best way? My current favourite way of communication is Twitter. I had to smile at my niece, who, on failure to contact me on my cell and landlines (Telkom took 2 weeks to fix it), resorted to see what I am up to on my twitter feed. Clever girl. Contacting me is as easy as sending me an @maggiev or direct message (d maggiev) at . And yes, it does get delivered to my cell phone via sms as well!

What actually inspired this blogpost is this cartoon:

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