Blog off!

As everybody know I have been on a blogging advocacy campaign for the last few months and I have recently been told (I won’t mention names unless I have to) to blog off! Now that is like a red cloth to a bull!

So just to keep track of all my blogging progress, let me tell you about all my “blog-ups”.

Firstly, I have got a blogging workshop which is easy enough for anybody (except the family) to follow at This workshop has 3 powerpoint presentations that you can download and it gives you STEP-by-STEP instructions on how to create an edublog (mainly aimed at teachers) but the instructions will work for any WORDPRESS driven blog platform (,…) The first powerpoint just shows you how to go about joining. Believe me, in my research, registration processes are the biggest obsticals in the creation process. The second powerpoint shows you how to individualise your blog with themes and things (make it look pretty) and the third powerpoint show you how to create your own header (with your own graphics or photos) using only Microsoft photo painter (which is already included in Windows) or you can even use Paint. So how about going to try it out? Let me know when your blog is up so that I can help you to get your BLOG OFF the ground!

Then I have also been playing with NING, a free social networking platform. It is very easy to use and works a lot like Facebook except that it is not so corny and is more structured with built in blogs, groups, forums and individualised pages for members. I decided to experiment with The Family (where I have not had much success till now, but will never give up!) and created a network for them at . Previously we had the Verster group in Google, but there were not many takers as yet again the registration process is way to ardous for the lovable Versterre. And I am making good progress. So far we have grown to 17 members. Paul Bosman (who has been responsible for tracking the Verster stamboom) has taken to it like a duck to water, so there is HOPE. Nobody has blogged there yet, so will have to do something about that!!! In the meantime I am leading by example and had done posts about:

So see, considering that I have been lappie-less, I have got around!!!

So actually, when I was told to blog off I took it quite literally to mean “take off” and spread the word…

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Local is lekker

What a pleasant surprise it was for me to discover this local blogging system. I am currently exploring the use of blogs for teaching and learning and it is always great to be able to use a local service. The login was quick and easy and choosing a theme equally so. I think I have now officially tried out about 4 different blogging systems and are starting to loose track of where I have blogged. I will have to go in search of myself and link them all up. Maybe I will use this blog as a place to keep track of myself……. Let me go in search of myself…

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