Partying in the winelands

Jacana GuesthouseI am only just starting to get my bearings again after my first “off” weekend in ages. The reason for all the festivities was that Lianda, one of our family beauties, celebrated her 21st birthday in Stellenbosh. Very kind of her to give us an excuse to visit the fine winelands, taste some elegant wines and party up a storm.

We where very lucky to find a great B&B (Jacana) that set the tone for a very gentile experience. It was also quite close to the venue for he 21st party, which means that we did not have to worry too much about drinking and driving as we knew we could crawl home….Anycase, it was a stunning place. The Cape Dutch dwelling with roomy rooms, fireplace and stunning view over the vineyards where to die for doll! To get a glimpse of the place, click here.

We arrived on the Friday and make the most of our “off” afternoon, by catching a catnap in preparation for the festivities, which started on the Friday night with a family get together at Romantica Restaurant just out of Stellenbosh. Very vibey and the food where excellent.

Saturday was spent visiting some of the great wine farms close to our B&B. We started off at Rust & Vrede and then moved on to Ernie’s place- very stunning with the most astounding view, but we could not quite afford the R500 per bottle…. So I savoured every sip of the tasting…. no spitting!! We also took in Alto and went to Blaauklippen with Athol and Larisse. I did some meaningful additions to our wine collection for Hogsback. At least the wine will be able to get old there….maybe…

Saturday night was a huge success and Lianda’s 21st (about) felt like a wedding, with silver candelabra and lots of very friendly young gorgeous people (I include us). Lianda clearly had a ball and literally sparkled all night. She managed not to cry too much during speeches and we all danced the night away…. To see all the photies, which speaks for itself…see my flickr collection

LiandaAfter slinking home early in Sunday morning, we had a quick shut eye, before we crawled out in time for our breakfast. We did  not expect to see Mark and Tharita there, but they arrived (late as always) for a belated breakfast. We finished off the day with a leisurely lunch at Hettie’s.

The whole photo selection can be found here

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Easymaths Testsite is live!!!

I am so excited as our new Easymaths site has gone live for testing. It can be found at . I have just finished doing the menu structure as well as the taxonomy for the databases.

I need everybody to go and test drive it as I cannot start loading resources till we are all happy that the menu structure and taxonomies are A for okay and make sense. As this is a community site, we need all the help we can get. So feedback will be a great way of helping us. I have created a blog for comments and problems at

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Snow in Hogsback

I went to Hogsback for the whole month of July (to write a few chapters for my thesis) in the hope to see some snow somewhere along the way and was getting really desperate by the last week when all of a sudden – it happened.Snow in hogsback

Okay, I now. Snow may be common place in other parts of our global village. But this is the first time that I actually have experienced a full blown snow “storm”. I even did the snowball throwing thing with my mother…

Anycase it was really stunning. The sound of falling snow is something to behold.You can’t quite capture it on camera, but I did get a chance to upload my first YouTube video! It can be found at: My snow photos can be found at

In Hogsback we do celebrate Xmas in July, but apart from some thick mist and rain on the Saterday, no snow… till the end of the month. I must just mention that is was not just all “snowflakes, hot chocolate and pancakes….it also meant that all my water pipes (actually my house’s) were frozen till about lunchtime…which is quite a  bummer!



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Local is lekker

What a pleasant surprise it was for me to discover this local blogging system. I am currently exploring the use of blogs for teaching and learning and it is always great to be able to use a local service. The login was quick and easy and choosing a theme equally so. I think I have now officially tried out about 4 different blogging systems and are starting to loose track of where I have blogged. I will have to go in search of myself and link them all up. Maybe I will use this blog as a place to keep track of myself……. Let me go in search of myself…

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