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Limpopo Teachers workshop

I am here in Polokwane with some lovely mathematics teachers from all over Limpopo. The aim of the workshop is for them to learn how to set test and exams using Equation editor and the Autoshape features of Word as well as how to do their CASS marks in Excel. Hopefully we will have time […]

Wobbits in Hogsback

During last week I was so fortunate to do a Web 2.0 workshop in my favourite place. It was quite a daunting prospect as Gaylin has asked me to do it for a mixed group of Hogsbakians which consisted of children from the age of 11 to a few hobbits (Hogsback characters of undisclosed age). […]

My blogging workshop

We are all gathered here to share blogging experiences

Round-up thoughts

I have been doing a road trip (F2F), of introducing School 2.0 at various workshops accross the country in a wirlwind of ranting around-school 2.0-in-30 seconds approach. My goal was to give teachers an introduction to what web 2.0 is (if it is even remotely definable) and how we can possibly use it for teaching and […]

School 2.0

Today I will start a 3 day, round the country, School 2.0 campaign. The aim is to get as many teachers as possible to embrace Web 2.0 into their classrooms in order to prepare their learners (or is it rather- prepare themselves) for school 2.0 or a world were virtual tools will be the order […]

Online K12 conference

I am frantically trying to study and keep track of what is happening at the K12online conference while dishing out Maths study material and exam papers to Roberto (he is writing maths next week). The first Keynote of this conference is about “Inventing the New Boundaries”. “For decades, education has been an easy institution to define. […]