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Dont’ e-mail,FB or call me: twitter me!

As everybody know I have been having an on-off relationship with my Cell phone for years. Cell phones do not like me. They break, grow legs, and mostly get alienated from their power cables. I have tried moving over to smart cell phones. They make matters even worse. They are power- hogging little devices out […]

How to make a podcast

Some of the teachers have asked me to share with them how to make a podcast. So here is a simple “how to” to point everybody in the right direction. To get started , go to my blog Here is my ICT4Campions channel embedded into my blog: Subscribe Free Add to my Page

Virtual gaming as learning

As parents we worry about the efffect all these horrific virtual games have on our children. This has prompted me to look into how we can use virtual games for teaching and learning. I have also come accross research and brilliant examples of how these games work towards enhancing higher order thinking skills. See my […]

Maths Help

It is nearing the end of the year and learners are frantically preparing for the final run!! So if you need some maths on-the-spot help, why not use the fantastic DR maths on Mxit support desk? The friendly and very professional DR maths tutor team is online most of the time to assist with any […]

Cellphones in schools

Me and a few teachers are currently busy creating a wiki for schools in South Africa to try and see how we can shape school policies regarding Internet and cellphone use in schools. See The whole debate about if cellphones should or shouldn’t be allowed in classrooms is a complex one. As such it […]

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Am I a tool?

I have been playing with quite a few new tools this week. And, for the family who are reading this, no, relax, I am referring to Web 2.0 tools. My virtual candy shop of gadgets, widgets and playable platforms knows no boundaries and while I am assuring everyone that I am testing and evaluating it […]

Round-up thoughts

I have been doing a road trip (F2F), of introducing School 2.0 at various workshops accross the country in a wirlwind of ranting around-school 2.0-in-30 seconds approach. My goal was to give teachers an introduction to what web 2.0 is (if it is even remotely definable) and how we can possibly use it for teaching and […]

Ngo’s and Web 2.0

Here I am at a workshop on NGO’s and Web 2.0 where we are exploring how we can use web 2.0 to market and display our NGO websites. There iare about 9 of us and some of us are not quite sure of this Web 2 thingie…. So this blog is to give everybody a glimpse […]

Local is lekker

What a pleasant surprise it was for me to discover this local blogging system. I am currently exploring the use of blogs for teaching and learning and it is always great to be able to use a local service. The login was quick and easy and choosing a theme equally so. I think I have […]