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Die kat kom weer

So I am at it again. Trying to share my life with a little furry life-force that will bring some purr-power into my paradise home. And the darling Village People are already starting to bet on how I am going to pull this one off. I did not have such a good start. But tomorrow […]

The MTN grinch who stole Christmas and New year :-(

Christmas is a time when we all remember each other, send messages of hope, love and comedic moments as well as talk to those who we never talk to at any other time of the year, if ever. We start getting our Christmas and new year messages ready and texted-up from early on in December […]

I love all my children!

I had a wonderful Sunday with the kids. It is Bert’s birthday coming up and we will be out of town, so we decided to have a children’s lunch. Plus the lost lamb, Elrieka, was returning to my fold so I decided to do all their favourite foods- chicken pie and gammon for Bert and […]

Jd’s birthday thank you!

I am only catching my breath now after my trip to Canada and have finally caught up with what my hubbie was up to during my absence (good wifely thing to do). And I am glad (sad) to report that he got on just fine without me!! He managed to throw himself a mega party […]

The Sounds of the Soccer World Cup

This world cup will especially be remembered for the cacophony of sounds coming, not only from screaming fans, but from our national traditional weapon, the vuvuzela. Now fight as you might if it is good on the ears or not, it is the defining sound of the Soccer World Cup 2010. Not only is the […]

Letter to telkom

After a nightmare month of struggling to get some service from Telkom, I wrote yet another e-mail to Wikus Kruger from Telkom: Hi Wikus, Thank you for the status update this morning that the data line will be sorted by 11 (it is now 11 and still nobody in sight). I appreaciate it that you […]

Poem-athon Friday

I read through Tom Barrett’s little newsletter that he compiles for his fellow teachers and was intrigued by the little tool that he introduced them to, called Write Rhymes. It helps to compile rhymes (duh) and is a very creative way to get your learners to write a poem. So I tried my hand at […]

The Blue Bulls Crusade

As you all know ,we have made it to the finals of the Super 14. Jipee- jippee yaah!! I have no nails left, no voice, and I am so de-hydrated from all the biltong and boerewors that I will need an intravenous tequila drip to restore essential liquid loss. Thank goodness that “my bloed is […]

Mother’s day blues

Every year my sister and I have been plagued by mother’s day blues. And, oh no, that dreaded day is approaching again! So I have decided to take time out to think about, first of all, why it depresses me, and secondly, to slay the dragon! Why does it depress me? I really do not […]

Dont’ e-mail,FB or call me: twitter me!

As everybody know I have been having an on-off relationship with my Cell phone for years. Cell phones do not like me. They break, grow legs, and mostly get alienated from their power cables. I have tried moving over to smart cell phones. They make matters even worse. They are power- hogging little devices out […]