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Maths Help

It is nearing the end of the year and learners are frantically preparing for the final run!! So if you need some maths on-the-spot help, why not use the fantastic DR maths on Mxit support desk? The friendly and very professional DR maths tutor team is online most of the time to assist with any […]

Maths literacy problems

I have decided that it is time to take the maths lit teachers into the arena of having REALTIME online meetings. I have for some time now been trying to get an active community of practice going for maths lit teachers in South Africa, but it has been a hard slog! Numerous problems have greeted […]

Old maths vs New maths

Let me see if I can embed a video into my blog entry….Nope, did not want to know my case…I wonder why not…I have no problem embedding my videos in blogger? So we will now attempt the old more traditional way, by sending you to a link: I would like to share 2 maths related […]

Easymaths Testsite is live!!!

I am so excited as our new Easymaths site has gone live for testing. It can be found at . I have just finished doing the menu structure as well as the taxonomy for the databases. I need everybody to go and test drive it as I cannot start loading resources till we are […]