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Legal rights of pregnant women at work

What are the right of pregnant mothers in the workplace? How long before birth do you have to take leave and when do you have to return to work. What happens if you want to return to work earlier and is there any obligation on your employer to make your work conditions easier for you. […]

Are there any limits to the Constitutional courts jurisdiction in labour matters?

As my Maggie-blog is a place for me to keep track of myself, I have almost forgotten to post a link to JD’s new blog post “Are there any limits to the Constitutional court`s jurisdiction in labour matters?“. At the moment I am trying to “tone him down” into the kind of legal language that […]

Affirmative action appointments

I have posted JD’s new blogpost: Affirmative action appointments have to be defensible on his blog here. A  brief intro…. Appointments and promotions supported by affirmative action considerations are, as a general principle not a contentious issue in the South African workplace nowadays.  What is, however, contentious is whether such affirmative action appointments and promotions […]

Restraint of trade: Fair or not?

Employers often elect to enforce the provisions of a restraint of trade clause incorporated in contracts of employment of former employees who act in breach of such an agreement. A restraint of trade clause is in principle valid and the party seeking to avoid the restraint [the employee] bears the onus of proving that the […]