I am an educational technologist, living in Johannesburg/Hogsback, South Africa.

My passion is getting teachers to use ICT/social media for teaching and learning. I do training (ICT/social media/maths literacy 4 teachers) and develop materials for schools, organisations, the Department of Education and for general use online. For a short Bio, click here: goo.gl/nWvMRz

I maintain, facilitate and are involved in various online communities of practice. I also indulge in a few blogs and wikis. If you want to join me in/on a few of my other spaces, feel free….

  • Maggie Verster & Associates
    My main work site. Here you will be able to find out about my training, course development, consulting, project management and lots of handy “how-to’s to learn how to use technology especially mobile technologies (in the classroom)
  • ICT4RED project blog
    This project on how to change teachers’ classroom practice to incorporate mobile technologies, is where you will find lots of resources pertaining mobile technologies and innovative teacher strategies. This is a growing project and the material we developed is licensed under creative commons attribution which means that you can use it any time. All the course material can be downloaded from there. If you are interested to get/become part of the training, consult my work site.
  • Maths literacy teachers network
    A community of practice for south african maths literacy teachers and teachers supporters. It is a closed community and you can only join if you are a south african ML teacher/teacher supporter
  • South African school libraries
    A collaborative blog for south african school librarians. It was created during a workshop in 2009. (not really maintained any more apart from auto bookmarks.
  • Hogsback: ILIFU
    My blog about paradise in Hogsback, my home base where I now chill and write courses and work among the forests and waterfalls.
  • My Curation sites:
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  1. Farivar says:

    I phoned you yesterday. You suggested iGoogole which I have been using. It is very interesting. I can not believe as an IT director of so many years. I did not know about it.

    You indicated that you would send me more information. I hope this the best way to communicate with you.

  2. Linda Ingram says:

    Dear Maggie. I was so impressed with your twitter presentation at the ICT HED conference a few weeks back. I’m the Operations Director for the Open Learning Group. We are very involved in providing logistical, admin and IT support to the North-West University. I’m currently working on a project with Prof Tommy du Plessis (Director of the Potchefstroom Business School of NWU). We are planning a week in May/June where we will be arranging speakers to provide workshops on a range of topics. I would dearly love to get into contact with you if you would consider anything like this. We’re looking at doing this in Windhoek and possibly Swakopmund as well. If you would like to consider something like this, please could you get in touch with me by email. I’m still very much a notive on Twitter – sorry. Regards Linda.

  3. Dear Maggie,

    I am the media liaison at GetSmarter, an online education company. We work together with universities and industry experts to produce online short courses.

    I wanted to know whether you would be interested in an editorial contribution on the School 2.0 in SA website. We are soon to present our University of Cape Town Internet Super-User course, which I think would appeal to teachers in particular.

    I would like to supply you with content on using internet tools in the classroom and include a R1000 discount to the post for teachers.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in this at all.

    Kind regards,

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