New highways and tollgates!!!

If you travel on the freeways, your life is about to be disrupted until 2010 as Road Agency has just awarded over R11,0 bn worth of road contracts to provide various improvements to all highways and interchanges in this area.

Six major road contracts are all to be constructed simultaneously. More contracts are planned. Most highways will now became 8 lanes, 4 in each direction. New bridges and flyovers are to be built at many of the interchanges to allow you to exit and enter quicker.

I have attached a small presentation of some of the changes at interchanges.

Electronic tolling will be installed approximately every 10 kms on all highways. The system is still under design but most likely you will need to buy a pre-paid tag. The tag is displayed on your front windscreen and is read as your car passes under the overhead gantry. If you do not own a tag, your plates will be photographed and at end of the month you will receive an account for all the times you have used the highways. If you do not pay they will treat it as an unpaid speeding fine. Private companies will be employed to monitor this and laws are currently being revised so that you do not necessarily need to go to court to be penalized (i.e. a speeding fine will shortly not be a criminal act).

Tolling will start at end of 2010 and I am told the rate will be 50c per km.

The big plus is the real attempt to reduce congestion.

[got this from Kalie via e-mail]

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