Supporting your child with homework

We all know what it is like when our child comes to us the day before an assignment is due at school and ask us to help them with it. What they actually mean is that we have to PLEASE do it FOR them. And as a tight feeling mounts at the bottoms of our stomachs, we frantically start Googling on the internet for material. We SO desperately need them to get acceptable marks. So what do we do? Jip, we quickly put together a cut and paste for them to “work from”….

Seeing that I have the T-shirt (been there, done that, mother hat), I decided to blog about how it actually SHOULD be done if we REALLY care about giving our child a LEARNING EXPERIENCE, which I would think…is the actual objective of assignments…..(Teacher’s hat). The problem is that teachers teach their subjects and they do not teach their learners the HOW of sourcing relevant information on the Internet and critically evaulating the material, mainly because…uhhh…they do not know themselves how to use the Internet effectively!

So please go and see my blog giving some STARTER ideas on how go about helping your child with projects and assignments…. at

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