Ode to Ellie on her 50th!

My sus ellieI have been very blessed with having THE best sister ever. And it was her 50th Birthday yesterday. I have been struggling to get to blog about her for the past few days, and have started making a phenomenal PowerPoint in her honour, but was totally overwhelmed with the thought of having to pin her down with only 1 little slideshow……which in any case will not do it for me…..so my mind started wandering about what makes her so special….

Well, first of all she was blessed with having me as a sister! I say this in the most darkest of ways, as she truly had to survive me. As there were only the two of us, in a very ordered and autocratic household, she had the enviable task of being the responsible one. Our father honoured her with the task of keeping me under control, which of cause was a job doomed to failure. And what is more, she got punished for everything I did wrong, so in a way she ended up being an abused Ellie. We annihilated many a hairbrush into bits and pieces during ferocious cat fights but I was devastated when she left our home to move to the outback to work at the University in Bloemfontein. We send each other tapes and long letters reporting on what was happening in out lives. Even though she was far away, she was always there for me.

She married Tommie, who became like a brother to me, and she helped me through the sadness of divorce and the happiness of finding a new soul-mate. She was always there for a deurnag when I needed it as well as the occasional k#kking out session (when I also needed it) She is like a ROCK. I always envied her for her steady stable nature and her quiet determined faith which always stood strong, no matter what.

Okay, she also ticked me of tremendously at times. But somehow I cannot remember now why…..Must be my acute state of AAADD (Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder). Oh yes, like her raised eyebrow about my lack of Afrikaans (which is why I am getting my own back by writing this ODE in english!) And I also remember her stealing my boyfriends when we were young! And she could fix cars (mainly because she humoured my father and did boy things with him) And this thing that we looked like twins when we were younger, for goodness sake, she is 4 years older than me!

But mostly we had fun. There were times that we did not talk to one another for months, but when we did, it was like rivers of talking. We somehow seemed to be linked, deeply. And, oh yes, we both love chocolate!

So to celebrate her 50th, I am planning to have 50 Ellie days starting from her birthday. She had a good day thanx to everybody that loves her. To read more about her day, and about being oor die muur, click here

More Ellie B-day Photies

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8 Replies to “Ode to Ellie on her 50th!”

  1. I grew up with 4 brothers..all older than me. Always wondered what it must be like to have a sister. When my children were born I was blessed with two sons. So still no girls in my life. I think your sister is fortunate for having you as a sister whom obviously loves her so much.

    have a lovely weekend.

  2. I also had no sisters but my husband has four and I’ve always envied the close relationships they have, typical of that you describe with your sister. Love your blog.

  3. Wish I could be as IT literate as you. Can you recommend a course? I would like to be able to do all the things on your blog that you do.

  4. Sus, you better stop blogging about me after 5 blog and not 50. Otherwise you will have to start digging up all the dirt from my past to fill the pages…;)

    You’re the best!!


  5. Hi Debbie…

    the flower occation was last new year in Hogsback…we always have a theme and last year it was the 60ties…

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