Wobbits in Hogsback

The wobbits at workDuring last week I was so fortunate to do a Web 2.0 workshop in my favourite place. It was quite a daunting prospect as Gaylin has asked me to do it for a mixed group of Hogsbakians which consisted of children from the age of 11 to a few hobbits (Hogsback characters of undisclosed age). So I actually ended up having a sleepless night worrying how I will be able to keep the attention of such a diverse group.

But I did not have to worry. I thought that Hogsback only had fairies and hobbits, but it turned out that the children (and young adults) where angels as well! And Web 2 took care of the rest. Even though we only had 5 laptops among 15 of us, we all managed to get involved in different aspects of Web 2.

We spend the first day just getting an overview of all the tools and as we had loadshedding, we ran my laptop and data projector for almost 1 3/4 hours from an inverter provided by Gaylin. I used this time to do a “show(off) and tell”. We also managed to play on the new Hogsback social network, uploaded photos and looked how to use videos online. Everybody was introduced to the concept of blogging,social networks and why websites are DEAD.

The second day was more hands on and even though there were a few technical hitches with the audio (thanks to Vista) we managed to get a headstart on creating mindmaps, cartoons, a blog for the school and played with some of the other Del.icio.us tools. We learned about how tags can be useful for marketing and for finding things.

I am loooking forward to seeing some real Web 2.0 activity in and around Hogsback in future….In the mean time, our new social netwrok for Hogsback is here

Ps What do you call a web2-hobbit…..a wobbit

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