Am I a tool?

I have been playing with quite a few new tools this week. And, for the family who are reading this, no, relax, I am referring to Web 2.0 tools. My virtual candy shop of gadgets, widgets and playable platforms knows no boundaries and while I am assuring everyone that I am testing and evaluating it all to see how I can use it for teaching and learning, I am actually having a tremendous amount of fun in the process!! I can get carried away (don`t I always) but I am only going to highlight 2 web 2.0 tools…

One of the cool new web 2.0 tools (I should be come a rapper) is a cartoon maker platform called Toondoon. Here you can create your own cartoon effortlessly and your only constraints are your imagination, creativity and lack of sense of humour. You can drag and drop characters and create callouts (that is what we call the dialogue boxes) in record time. I would imagine even little-lies could cope with the user friendly interface. It also has the mandatory Web 2.0 characteristics of being able to share it with friends and family, tagging it, commenting and building up a network of cartoons and discussions. It also provides the code for inserting it into your blog or website. For teaching and learning it could be a magnificent tool. Learners can create their own cartoons and can then invite comment on the symbolism behind the cartoon…. Cool. Click here, to see a good sized version and feel free to leave comments (if you understand the cartoon…)

Go to my cartoon at Toondoon

I have discovered a great tool for organizing my thoughts if that is remotely possible, hey? Anycase, it a mindmapping platform, very web 2.0, that allows you to create elaborate mindmaps by just clicking and moving stuff around. Amazingly easy to create and what is even more appealing to me is that you can collaborate with your friends colleagues, learners in creating a mindmap. Just think, I can now invite everybody to help me organise my thoughts- the perfect tool. You can find it at

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