Round-up thoughts

I have been doing a road trip (F2F), of introducing School 2.0 at various workshops accross the country in a wirlwind of ranting around-school 2.0-in-30 seconds approach. My goal was to give teachers an introduction to what web 2.0 is (if it is even remotely definable) and how we can possibly use it for teaching and learning.

Most of the teachers were there because they are teaching learners who are seasoned virtual citizens who can Mxit in their pockets and socialise online, while having to endure “old school” pedagogy in their everyday school life. So I would like to believe that the teachers who attended the workshop are visionaries (Champions- 4-ICT) looking for answers, like I do, like we all do…

The fact is that we have to prepare our learners for a future world were technology will be a given and media literacy a must. So we have to start building our School 2.0. To explore the possibilities of school 2.0, I will be carrying on my learning path and the debate at my School 2.0 blog ( Feel free to come and contribute to the discussion there.


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