Weekend at Kruger park

An elephant that stopped to talk to meLast weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited to Marloth Park, a game estate bordering on the Kruger National Park. As I have worked really hard on my newly reborn baby (www.easymaths.org.za – in test mode) over the last few weeks with little sleep, I could not wait. Also, their is very little (like in no) cellphone reception, which meant that I really could not work….so it was the ideal getaway. 

We arrived on the Friday night (5 hour drive) and were to tired to even eat. And goodness, was it hot there. As we did not Bush Breakfasttake any malaria prevention, I sprayed myself with mosquito spray that you could about hear the lions cough. Saturday morning we got up at 10 and went for a Bush breakfast which consisted of pap, eggs and mince at one of the local lodges. As it was very hot and too late to go for a game drive (I take it the animals will hide under the bushes in the heat) we went home and caught a afternoon nap. Waking up at 4, Jd went to watch his Bulls play the Griekwas and I went with Michael and Marie to go and see if I can catch a glimpse of game. I am not normally lucky with game viewing, but low and behold we did spot some very lazy buffalo on the river Sundowners on the banks of the Crocodile riverbank, of course the compulsory Impala and a lonesome elephant bull, who stopped to talk to me and pose for a photo. We watched the sun go down with the compulsory sundowner in hand and then went to join JD to watch the Lions play the sharks. So lots of game was seen actually.We had supper at yet another lodge and were in bed by 10. So effectively I slept the whole weekend (maybe I dreamt I saw the animals….) 

Sunday we were off. Marloth park is great as you can basically watch the animals Jerry the giraffestroll past the house from the deck. The only thing that was quite astounding was the traffic by the river bank. I got the feeling that the whole of Sandton were taking their 4×4`s for a drive… 

See my Kruger photos for proof of animal spotting   

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2 Replies to “Weekend at Kruger park”

  1. Wish I had your expertise. How do you upload your photos so beautifully? I have given up trying. Your blog page looks lovely. Yes, the local blogs are nice – if you can find the ones you like. Very hit and miss for me – have to depend what is visibly on the home page – or go onto popular blogs and try their blog list.

  2. It took me a while to figure out don’t worry. I store all my photos on Flickr. It is very easy to upload it to there (www.flickr.com) When I want to insert a piccie, I Click on the images icon at the top of the blog post and insert the link to my photo on flickr. To get the link from flickr, you have to click on the photo and choose “See different sizes”, choose the size hat you want to insert into your blog and copy and paste the link into your blog. Remember to choose where you want to position your photo…

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